Proto.Core.Exceptions....? ERROR

I am getting this error in Revit 2019.2 dynamo 2.0.2 when first selecting 2.0.2. Any ideas? We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling revit and dynamo on my machine and now IT is going to do a full rebuild. Do I just chalk this up to the ghost in the machine? image

Hi @bnix9192

When you uninstall Dynamo 2.0.2 did you tried removing registries also? If you haven’t make sure you do. After you uninstall completely then install Dynamo 2.0.3 from here

Hope it helps!

can you take a screenshot of the libG folders in your dynamo core folder under program files/Dynamo?

There should be four libG folders.

Can you also show what versions of Dynamo are present in control panel?

Good Morning Michael,

I have a client that is having the same error code show when trying to open Dynamo 2.0 within Revit 2020. Other versions of Dynamo work in older releases of Revit. Is this possibly related to a package or a conflicting add-in?

I will ask the client about their LibG folders, when I checked out my folder, I have more than 4 though (My Dynamo works fine).

Is there anything specific that is being looked for here?

Thank you,