Property Set Data Format

Does anyone know of a way to update property set values that are not formatted as strings? I want to be able to feed in double or integer values, but the Object.UpdateProperty node only accepts string inputs.

UpdateProperty Input Format


Can you describe the code in more detail so that everyone can solve it ?

@mzjensen you can still use the Python approach that is available in the AutoCAD sample files

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Try the “String from Object” command node! :+1:

Try using the “String from Object” node to convert your numbers etc to strings to allow input.

Agreed, this should be able to take number or boolean but currently can only take string. It’s a bit of work to extract the handle information, then do a lookup in excel and then reimport to use the python script.

Hello @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

I have a similar issue with a format. I have a Property I wanted to update and in my case it cannot be a String. You mentioned an approach with Python. I think I found the file you referenced, but I have very little experience with Python.

I would like to import a Dynamo List instead of CSV in the script. Does this script already exist or is it possible to tweak the file?

Thank you.

Not sure if this helps you but paolo and safi added nodes to the Civil 3D toolkit to deal with properties other than strings :

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This issue is solved with the PropertySetsExtensions.SetPropertyValueByName or PropertySetsExtensions.SetPropertyValue nodes that Paolo introduced in Civil 3D Toolkit v1.1.17.


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