Civil 3D Property Set Dynamo Issues

I am a new user of Dynamo, I have tried to use the samples of dynamo scripts that come with Civil 3D, but I have an issues when I am using “AutoCAD_Paython_Pset_DumpPropertySetValuesToCSV” that I have empty cells between the values (see Image 1), and when I am using the same file after updating the values in the empty column using " AutoCAD_Paython_Pset_UpdatePropertySetValuesByCSV", I am getting the error message (See Image 2 & 3).

attached file dyn

AutoCAD_Python_PSet_DumpPropertySetValuesToCSV.dyn (6.7 KB)
AutoCAD_Python_PSet_UpdatePropertySetValuesByCSV.dyn (7.1 KB)

I’m sorry, I have no idea about the examples in the program

can use nodes contained within the program

I’m not sure how to modify the Python code in order to prevent this issue.

However, Dynamo has been updated since the creation of this sample node and it now has built in functions for property sets. Another user was able to help set me in the right direction and now I’ve created my own graph that with some modification to insert it into excel produces the same thing but can be modified within dynamo.