Prompt user to draw a rectangle with detail lines when running a script

Hey guys,

I am creating a graph that takes a detail line rectangle and transforms into a revision cloud (without being an actual revision cloud)

Revit doesnt provide an option to draw a cloud that isnt an actual revision, but rather just for tracking issues internally, so… i am creating my own.

The script copies a rectangle with revision lines from a drafting view and places it on wherever a rectangle is drawn in the target view.

You can get these cloud lines by drawing a revision cloud, and then copy pasting the boundary lines outside of the revision editor, but i cant change existing detail lines to look like a cloud line.

So i made this:

It’s almost to a point that i want, but i would love to run the script and then while the script is running draw a box where Dynamo can immediatly take the start and end points from for each line.

This is the script:

In short: I am looking for a way to draw a rectangle while the script runs, instead of drawing it and then selecting the rectangle when prompted.

Out of curiosity why not also use the Revit Revisions for internal issues? Waaay less complicated.

This is how I would do it

The prompt question is interesting though :smile: .


Well, because i did not know that that existed… :man_facepalming: Thanks, haha

Anyway, still would be cool to do it with a detail line prompt so i can immediately overwrite this cloud to be red and have a thick lineweight…

:smile: As I said before, I found your question interesting.

I also hate the fact there is no other way to draw a cloud :roll_eyes:.


So, @bvs1982 definitely has a point :slight_smile: This functionality was added in Revit 2022? Edit: Perhaps a Dynamo could override them in view?

To answer your question, I think the the steps you need are…

  1. Run Dynamo
  2. User is prompted to draw lines
  3. Prompt waits for the user to draw lines
  4. Prompt challenges user if they don’t draw a rectangle
  5. Prompt remembers the ID of the lines after they are drawn
  6. Rest of the graph runs as before.
  7. Lines are deleted

I think the problem for you, is that this requires a kind of ‘listening’ for the user input which Dynamo’s transaction methods aren’t really designed for. This is the kind of thing which an addin finds much easier, but would require you to code outside of Dynamo…

I hope that is interesting

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Yeah i was afraid adding elements while Dynamo is running isn’t really the way to go here…

I have made a script that overrides clouds i have selected. I think for now ill just draw a rectangle and run the script afterwards, was planning to merge that with the script in this post after i figured out how to draw a rectangle in the script heh…

Ill look into some external addins to see what i can do with that :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Revit tends to make seemingly easy things overly complicated to do… Just let me draw a cloud shaped detail line haha