Profile on 3D CAD line as path

Hi All,

Is there possible to run profile on 3D CAD line via Dynamo ? Do you know any node?

2nd question, whats additional task is to run 5 points adaptive component profile on 5 different 3D lines (3D lines are in single CAD file which is imported/link in revit) ?

I think thay first u should link the 3d cad into revit, then in dynamo with the node select model element u can get those curves, then use the node element to geometry to transform those curves into dynamo geometry and later point at parameter and in those points u can apply your family or whatever

This post might point you in the right direction:

@Jigar_Patel1 You can extract geometry by selecting the CAD file imported into Revit
Here is an example…
AC-5crv5pnt.dyn (5.3 KB)
3Dsplines.dwg (66.0 KB)

That’s only going to work if its a nurbs curve. It’ll be flattened to an XY plane if its any other curve type (line, arc, etc)

@Thomas_Mahon Seems to work with lines and arcs
LineArc3D.dwg (523.4 KB)

Thanks for reply guys, I will have look at it let you know

Does it work if I got 25 different 3D lines in CAD which is imported in Revit and I would like to select only 5?

Sidenote here: I guess you can get the lines you’re after, but it may be manual list management to get what you want. However, if the functionality in Dynamo Studio was released to the Dynamo4Revit version of importing dwg directly to Dynamo, then you could filter out the objects/layers you’ll need.


@jostein_olsen i didn’t know about that…it is a package 4 dynamo or it is implemented in the version 1.1?

As previously stated this functionality exits ONLY in the “Dynamo Studio” version. It is not part of “Dynamo for Revit”.(D4R) I’ve tried multiple times to get an answer from the dev team if this going to be part of the D4R-version, but haven’t got a clear answer as to if and when this functionality will be part of D4R.



Error is coming while trying to align adaptive family on path.