Problems with "Structural Material" parameter

Hello everyone:

I am creating “beams” in Revit from Dynamo and not as assigning the “Structural Material” parameter. I tried using the String type variable, but it has not worked.

Thank you for your help.












The warning is pretty clear to me: “The parameter’s storage type is not a string”. That tells me that you plugged in a string (material name) while Dynamo/Revit expects something else. The best guess in this case is to feed it an ElementId of the Material or the actual Material object. It’s still a guess since the warning is a little cryptic. It points out that you supplied a wrong variable type but fails to disclose a correct type. Anyways, I gave it a quick look and it turns out in this case its expecting a Material object.

You can use a Category OST_Materials to collect all of the materials in the project then use a List.GetItemAtIndex node or a code block like in my example below to get the one material that you want to set. Here’s an example:



I imagined that would connect a parameter an “id”, but was not clear as to obtain the structural material in a node. I’ll apply your solution.