Problems creating and working with Geometry brought from CAD files

Hello world,

Ive been attempting this odd task. Im trying to create a geometry with a CAD file as a base, Which i have brought into the revit environment. But ive continued having a great amount of different issues.

Such as this one

If anyone has any idea or a possible different workflow.

The Curve.Extrude (distance) node uses the coordinate system of the curve to pick the direction which it extrudes the curve. When modeling/drawing symmetrical objects things tend to be mirrored, which inverts the coordinate system (hence the downward extrusions). Similar issues can come about when using fillet and other ‘shortcut’ methods which make drafting much faster.

To resolve this, use a different extrusion method - Curve.Extrude (Direction and Distance).

This screenshot should provide more clarity:

The by distance version is on the left side of the image, and the by direction/distance is on the right.

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continue having the same problems, i wonder if its because im bringing the geometry from AutoCad
“Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of Mirror that takes arguments of type (__array,Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Vector)”

Now this error shows up and wont extrude in any way, wont even mirror the object

Looks like you’re mirroring instead of extruding by the vector. You only need the Curve.Extrude (by direction, distance) node. Everything other than that, the Vector.ZAxis, and the Number node was simply me trying to recreate your issue.

If after trying that you’re still lost share you dyn and rvt file (with the link or it won’t be any use to anyone) and I’ll pull this together tonight.

Thank you Jacob! Your suggestion has been reflected.

Ive created the curve extrude which still gives me an error

“Warning: Curve.Extrude operation failed.
Unable to compute edge from curve : IG_CURVE_SELF_INTERSECTS – Self-intersecting curve”

But the form has been achieved

I am still having some issues given i want to extrude the following form from a different pattern, but that will be another issue in its given time.

Thank you!

Glad that you’re sorted out. Be sure to mark solutions so that others can learn by following in your footprints.

One thing that may help with next steps is doing some slight alterations to the geometry storage method in Dynamo before you attempt to process it. I’m specifically wondering if joining the curves into a Polycurve would help. If you share the file and an idea of what your end goal is I can have a quick peak later.