Can we get the color of text or dimensions?

hi guys,

Can we get the type parameters of the Text Note element and mainly its color?

I tried to get all parameters of an element or even get parameter by name and both didn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Hello, I can see Color in the list here (but no value):

Hi @Yna_Db,

Yes that is the problem I cant get the color !

the main question here why? and what is the difference between the color parameter and other paramerters

Not sure, but it could be the graphic override value. Can’t test it right now…
Update: you can get the value with Rhythm node GetParameterValueByName(TypeOrInstance)

Are you sure getparameterbyname did not work?

hi @Einar_Raknes

the missed step is to convert decimal to color thank you

hi @Einar_Raknes

sorry but it is still not working, the decimal to color is returning 0

I think Color is a type parameter for text notes, it could be the reason why…

@Yna_Db but in the above reply it is working with @Einar_Raknes !!

Yes but he’s extracting a parameter from the type also…

Element.Type missing?