Problem with "Sync to central" nodes


I started working on a script that will give the user a UI to choose some options before the model can sync with the central. I found two similar nodes from clockwork and GeniusLoci packages. Both of them have similar inputs but I went with the clockwork node. When I ran the script I noticed that it didn’t work all the time. I thought I was making a mistake and decided to observe what I was doing differently when it was actually syncing with the central.

Sync with central menu

I noticed that if the last two “save local file options are not checked(set to true)” it doesn’t sync at all despite the combination of inputs the user chooses. It doesn’t work even if one is true and the other is false. The only time it works is when both of them are true(the rest of them can be set to anything). I thought this was an issue with the clockwork node and used the GeniusLoci one instead but it has the same problem. Doesn’t work unless the last two are set to true.

Clockwork node is on the top

I thought these inputs were optional (they aren’t mentioned that they are optional though). Did I assume wrong? Is there a way to fix this? And are there other sync to central nodes that I can use and avoid this?

Sync.dyn (45.1 KB)