Problem with exporting data from revit to excel

Hi to you all,i tried to creat a scrypt that extract data to excel using UI++ nodes but i have a problem when extracted ,the data shows up only one line and no further data was found .what could be the problem ? Sort-by-UI.dyn (78.3 KB)

Can you rearrange the nodes so data flow is visible, and run the graph so you have data not just null values, and then repost that screenshot.

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This is the result of excel and a full view of the scrypt

Expand the preview in the ‘List.AddItemToFront’ node place a watch node on canvas for the two nodes proceeding it. As far as I can tell your graph is working as expected with the data you have given.

the graph works that s for sure but with loss data on excel here the views on the last part

So there are 92 data points being fed into excel, 46 headers and 46 entries. That would be column AT if I am not mistaken - what is the last of the excel data?

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yes that s true it s column AT indeed .but see there is only one line of data


Because your code only ever pulled one line of data. See that {92} in the lower left corner of the preview? That works out to 92 cells in excel, or Column AT, Row 2. You may be pulling the data incorrectly prior to this.

Do i need to add a list transpose.or maybe changing the data source ?

I didn t get to no where really.i tried every thing.even changing the last part to @L2 level like the last node the data L2 and the list additem To front node the list To @L2 also.i need your help