DirectShape.ByGeometry threw an exception

Hi all!!
I’m using Revit 2022.1.3, Sometime run my script happen this error.
How to fix it. I try find some problem on forum but not yet resoved.

Thank Advance!!!

Hi @manhgt214 ,

The Springs package also has a node for this operation, could you try that node instead?


Hi mr Daan, Thank you for reply
I tried using that node but result is “null”.

What is the geometry you are trying to convert? DirectShape has limitations.

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I pick face of structure framing then edit follow my condition and creat Directshape.
Generally, error haven’t but sometime have.
I using Revit Japanese language but when change to English error not occur.
I don’t know what is reason

Differing software language errors are hard to diagnose. On my App Store products, I state that they have only been tested on English language versions. Can be Windows or the app itself.

“.” vs “,” for decimal separators is a common issue. Category names in Revit, too.

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Make sure geometry is not intersecting itself. It needs to be manifold – one continuous surface.

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Hi truevis

Thank you very much.

To day I founded issue, coz other my addin creat directshape then I creat new directshape from dynamo.
I can delete that element temporary then creat new directshape from dynamo, error will solved.
But I dont know reason, maybe element clashed.