Problem witg DataShapes Node: ModificationTracker. ModelComparison

Hey guys, I am having issues with the DataShapes node ModificationTracker. ModelComparison

Apparently, I am getting empty lists for the Existing Elements Data so I cannot proceed with the other nodes sucha as the MT.AllChanges and so on… I tried exploring the python code but I am still a newbie to comprehend all data behind the code. I would appreciate some guidance or help, not sure if I am feeding the node the wrong data… but as I am getting results for the other elements I wonder what is actually going wrong.

ps; I am wondering how this node works… is it comparing geometry or elements ids? I basically remodelled this project and would like to know how to compare geometry… only ( I imagine because I remodelled everything ids will be different) I just would like to check position changes etc

Thanks so much. I am also attaching my script
CompareProjects_script.dyn (88.0 KB)