Comparing the same element in separate duplicate models


I wanted to know if it was possible to compare an element and it’s properties to a copy of that same (but separate) model but the element now has different property values.

I was thinking of perhaps using excel as sort of the middle man and using it to apply parameter changes based on element ID matches.

Any idea of where I can start?

Assuming the model was ‘save as’ and all elements have been modified but not recreated, they will have matching GUIDs.

This means you can grab the element in model A, pull the GUID, and use that GUID to select the element in model B. Once you have the two objects you can compare any aspect of the object 1 to any aspect of object 2.


This is precisely what I’m trying to do. Just looking for a good place to start.

Although the idea is similar, it’s less that I am trying to compare or even track the changes. I’m instead trying to make changes in Model B based on the changes in Model A using the GUID as a way to match the elements.