[Problem] Orientation problem in Z height variation on a grid

Hey there guys, it’s me again, thanks in advance for your responses

I’m not really sure if i’m using the correct terms for all of this, so let’s see if iyou guys can understand me:

So i have a grid of points with height variation, according to the Sine operation, and so far i have a lot of doubts about how this works, but the real problem is that i want the curve to go along the red arrow (marked in the image below) and it is going along the blue arrow, i think it may be something about the order of the list, but i can’t put my finger on it

So, as usual, any comments or recommendations?

See you!

Replication guides should help you…

The two definitions below are identical, except for the Replication Guides

Hey, thanks for the reply, the thing is i’m not really sure how i could make replication guides work on my setup, tried making that node you’re showing, but since i’m making my points from a “QuadBySurface” lunchbox node i don’t know how can i add it, any ideas?

See you around!