Making a 3D shape using replication guides

Further down in the document I’m following (I made a post about another bit yesterday :slight_smile: )

But when I try to make it work I get this:

I’m pretty sure it’s the highlighted row that’s causing the issue.


Saw this thread and took the opportunity to dive into the DSGuide ,I tend to just use nodes. Adding stub replication guides (the <0> markers) seemed to work.

Page 28/44 of the DesignScript guide if that helps.

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Try removing the replication guides from your zHeight_2D_array line :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I suppose having two levels (?) of replication guides makes sense if it’s 2D not 1D?

Could you explain this a bit more though please:

If they’ve both got 1 in the top level doesn’t that mean they are on the same level of hierarchy? How does that work?

Wont attempt to explain as I’d only further confuse you :expressionless:
I’d suggest studying a simpler similar configuration of replication guides in a different context at this topic


Try changing the numbers within < > and study the results of different combinations. Might help you understand how it works.

You can also have a read of and look at Page 37 for an introductory Replication Guide rundown :raised_hands: