Problem on placing multiple families based on .rfa files inside a Revit file

Good morning, for my latest script i have to place a single instance of every family (.rfa files) specified inside a certain directory path, as you can see i can obtain a list of all the .rfa file i need, but when i apply the node Document.LoadFamily i can not see in any kind of view the instances of the families that are uploaded. They look like they were not placed inside the project, in fact using nodes like “Categories” + “All Elements Of Category” gives back a null value, and also by checking the schedules the are empty. Any suggestion on this?

See if that helps,

Load Family.dyn (12.6 KB)

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Just like in Revit, loading a family through Dynamo doesn’t place it for you. Schedules and All Elements of Category read the instances in the project. You still have to place an instance for an element to show up.

Thank you! The logic is so easy i haven’t even thought about it! Works perfectly now