Dynamo to load in families

Hi all

I am a novice user, and after help on the following, please if anyone has a script or guidance.

I am after some advice or a potential workflow on how to perform this within Dynamo.

I am looking for a way to load families from several different locations to our project when out of date with just one click of a button. Possibly using an excel file with each file path to be reloaded, then load these in using import. Excel.

Do we know how this can be done or advise?

Structural Columns
R:\Revit\Design Data\Families\Structural Column\Cripple 01.rfa
R:\Revit\Design Data\Families\Structural Column\Willerby_Standard_Agnes_Rip_R18.rfa

Structural Framing
R:\Revit\Design Data\Families\Structural Framing\SheathingPanel.rfa
R:\Revit\Design Data\Families\Structural Framing\Square Cut Agnes Board.rfa
R:\Revit\Design Data\Families\Structural Framing\Willerby_Agnes_Panel_Horizontal.rfa
R:\Revit\Design Data\Families\Structural Framing\Willerby_Agnes_Track.rfa

Yes, it can be done. There are a couple custom packages out there that allow you to load families, such as Clockwork document.loadfamily and others that can pull lists from excel.

Workflow is you need to:

  1. Get the excel workbook/spreadsheet (preloaded with info)
  2. Get the worksheet (you might need DataShapes or archi-lab here)
  3. Get file names and paths from the worksheet
  4. Send it to Clockwork’s document.loadfamily node

hi @dclunie,

I already made this script, please check this: load_families_excel.dyn (15.9 KB)

here is the dynamo script content:

here is the excel format:



Hi Thanks

For this it is great. I am having an issue with the Python node at the end please see screenshots.

Can you advise on what to do? I did assume it may be because I did not have Bumblebee installed?

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hi @dclunie

add this add the very top of the python script.

import sys
sys.path.append(r"C:\Program Files (x86)\IronPython 2.7\Lib")


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Excellent works a treat.

Many thanks.


As a matter of interest, can this method be used to fire Independent dynamo rules in sequence?

I have 5 rules which the guys need to run in order, and sometimes we have users not selecting certain rules. This could be a way of one rule to run all.

Master rule

  1. Rule 01
  2. Rule 02
  3. Rule 03

Hi @dclunie,

Can you explain further what your rules are? Nobody would understand if you just say Rule 1, Rule 2, Rule 3 etc.



Yes, I can relay a bit further on this. I have several rules, and each of them provides different functions and have been made as separate rules to validate the products we produce in a mass manufacturing environment. The cad reseller developed them separately as they compiled information from many different families writing metadata back to parts if certain condition = true.

For instance, the engineer must select each time when editing a project to ensure data is validated correctly before we release it. Sometimes, errors are slipping via the net because of engineer manual intervention.

01_Oslo Board check
04_Bevel to Timber (DESC2)
05_OSB3 Board Check

I want 1 rule called Validation that runs the rules shown above in one click?

Hopes this helps

hi @dclunie

your explanation I think is a bit off for me to understand what you want to do.
please explain the difference between the rules and and how are they related to the files
in the excel.


Hi blsalvio

If possible if the address of the dynamo rule was stored in the xls file could it then work like loading in families.

Find each rule and run. Im not entirely sure if this can be done.

Thanks for your help.

hi @dclunie

please check this: load_families_excel.dyn (22.5 KB)

Excel format:

Dynamo input: