Problem Modifying Crop Region in 3D View

I’m having trouble understanding the behavior of cropped 3D views when section boxes are applied. The view region is still including parts of the building unseen in the view with the section box applied.

I’m on REVIT 2017.2 and Dynamo 1.3.2 and have no REVIT links or scope boxes in the project. I’ve turned off the Dynamo geometry preview etc. in case that was interfering.

Following this previous thread I’m assuming the view region shrinks to the smallest area on the screen which is what I’m delivering to the 3D view in REVIT but still the view region is much bigger than the graphic of the 3D section view. The manual crop region is off to the side and hidden and doesn’t seem to be the root cause of this large view port.

Steamnodes’ Create Cropped 3D View was not delivering consistent results because of certain constraints and can’t be used without modification making it a poor candidate to use in the production environment but maybe I need to return to that configuration. Other than the strange view regions everything is working pretty good.

Genorate Room info on Sheet.dyn (127.1 KB)

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