Create parameters from excel

Hello everyone,
i have a problem maybe easy to solve, but i red so many topics that i am a bit confuse.
I create some elements reading an excel input file.
Later i created the geometries on Revit. Now if i change parameters from excel it works.
The problem is that i would like to see the parameters value also in Revit and maybe change directly from revit type properties (i hope its possible read from excel, change in revit and automatically change it on excel file). So i decided to create new parameters from excel data.
I tryed but the result is null

I also noticed that the geometry on revit its uploaded as SystemFamily.ImportSymbol so its not clear for me where i can add parameter.

Maybe i need to change the family before.
I think i also need to create a new group parameter (how can i do it?).
I know that probably its easy to manage, but i get lost.
Thank you in advance.