Problem in obtaining the single elements (doors, windows) hosted on a certain wall

Good evening, i have a problem of how the node Element.inserts from Clockwork works.
In the example i have below i have a basic wall, a curtain wall system, two windows and a door, all on the same wall; the ID of the curtain wall is 3633413, and as you can see i can obtain the ID of the host both of the windows (first line) and doors (second line). Moving on, when i try, from the host wall to obtain the elements hosted in it using Element.inserts gives me back an empty list. I am sure that the curtain wall is hosting those elements because if it was not like this, i should have obtained null value in the get host node. Anyone knows how can this be fixed or what is the logic behind it?

Element.Panels from Clockwork will return the panels in a curtain wall.

Thank you for your fast reply @Hamish, i forgot to Say what the aim of my script is.
Basically my idea Is to obtain the orientation of only the walls with the function set on exterior. The part or script on the walls works well, from there i would obtain the hosts of Windows and Doors, and then match with the previous walls so i can obtain the orientation on only the Windows and Doors on the function exterior walls.
I Hope i’ve been clear enough in my description, but the basic fact Is that i am not interested in the single panels Building the curtain Wall, but from the host Wall (opaque or trasparent in the case of the curtain Wall) i would like to obtain the hosted Doors and Windows.