Curtain Panel Host

So I know that you can get the instances of curtain panels based on a curtain wall wall type using the CurtainPanel.ByElement node. I’m wondering if you can go the other way by entering a specific instance of a curtain panel and obtaining the specific curtain wall that hosts it. Is this possible? Thanks!

use property of the Panel called Host. So call it like this: someCurtainPanel.Host

That should return the curtain wall that hosts the panel.

or use clockwork node.


John, Thank you that was exactly what I needed!

John, I’ve run into an issue using the clockwork host node. When I enter in some family instances that are in the category of generic model, it just returns empty lists. The properties of this family instance says that it has a host(image) but I can’t seem to extract it.

Is that a curtain panel? Or just a face based family?

I don’t think it’s a curtain panel. This model I’ve inherited is kind of a mess. If it had been modeled as curtain panel, this would be a bit simpler. I believe that it’s a generic family, but I’m not positive it’s face based. In the family file, under category and parameters, it doesn’t have anything listed under “host”. Is there a way to figure out what type of generic family it is (face based, wall based, etc.)?

Try the Clockwork node “CurtainPanel.HostPanel”. I believe the behavior is slightly different than the node (specific to curtain panels). I use this for getting a panel when using a wall type as a curtain panel.