Problem DYNAMO 2018 to 2020

I have’nt problem with my script on dynamo 2018, for lower arase of reservations on walls or beams.
But with revit 2020 and dynamo 2020, the scrit don’t run.
I don’t understand the problem.

Have you got a solution please ?

Can you show the error and post the graph?

I’m working with level NGF.
(Sorry for my english, i’m french)

On REVIT 2018 no problem (1st picture)
On REVIT 2020 … the Ai. stay at 0

I want to know if we have to change a parameter to up DYNAMO 2018 to 2020 ?

I’m a new user, so i can’t send you picture

Should be able to post a pic now. :slight_smile:

Extrait REVIT 2018.pdf (42.2 KB)

Extrait REVIT 2020.pdf (15.9 KB)

Arase inférieure réservations.dyf (13.9 KB) Arase inférieure réservations.dyn (2.9 KB)

What is the error in the dyn when you run it in 2020? Also I don’t have a Revit project to run these on (well I do have Revit projects but it’s pretty unlikely they would work in either 2018 or 2020).

TEST.rvt (1.6 MB)

The Ai. must be =107.60 and not 0.00