Level NGF of Reservation

Anybody have a script for level of reservation on wall on REVIT 2020 ?

first, not sure what “level of reservation” means so some clarification might be needed on this, secondly (and maybe more important) please see the following FAQ forum topic: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

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Thanks for your answer.
On REVIT 2018, i have no problem to have a label of reservation with width, height and level NGF, due to a script of dynamo.
When i passed to REVIT 2020, with the same script of dynamo, the level NGF being blocked at 00.00, and is not at 159.70.

Is there a difference between dynamo on REVIT 2018 and REVIT 2020 ?

Arase inférieure réservations.dyf (13.9 KB) Arase inférieure réservations.dyn (6.1 KB) ECO_Résa Verticaux_Ø_PB.rfa (396 KB) ECO_Etiquette_Résa_Ø.rfa (276 KB)

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Hello @Chris.V
I also use dynamo for the edges and axes of the reservations.
I don’t know if you got an answer or a solution for your script, however, on the 2021 version of Revit, the elevation parameter is now called (in French) Elevation versus level.
maybe this can solve your problem.
I’m taking inspiration from your script to also create a dynamo script against my shared settings, however, in your reservation family the lower Arase setting is not physically materialized.
maybe this is another avenue of investigation for your error message.
also nodes sometimes change names between multiple package updates, I get the impression 

if you can just explain how you resolved your concern, so that you can help me move forward as well.
Thank you and good day

original post below

Bonjour @Chris.V
j’utilise Ă©galement dynamo pour les arases et axes des rĂ©servations.
je ne sais pas si tu as eu une rĂ©ponse ou une solution pour ton script, cependant, sur la version 2021 de Revit, le paramĂštre Ă©lĂ©vation s’appelle dĂ©sormais (en français) ElĂ©vation par rapport au niveau.
peut ĂȘtre que cela peut solutionner ton problĂšme.
je suis en train de m’inspirer de ton script pour crĂ©er Ă©galement un script dynamo par rapport Ă  mes paramĂštres partagĂ©s, cependant, dans ta famille de rĂ©servation, la paramĂštre Arase infĂ©rieure n’est pas physiquement matĂ©rialisĂ©.
peut ĂȘtre que c’est une autre voie d’investigation pour ton message d’erreur.
Ă©galement les noeuds changent parfois de nom entre plusieurs mises Ă  jour de package, j’ai l’impression

si tu peux juste expliquer comment tu as rĂ©solu ton souci, afin de m’aider Ă  avancer Ă©galement.
merci et bonne journée

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Sorry, my internet browser has translated
the page automatically, I didn’t realize it.
I will be careful next time

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Or use the French forum :slight_smile:

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