Level NGF of Reservation

Anybody have a script for level of reservation on wall on REVIT 2020 ?

first, not sure what “level of reservation” means so some clarification might be needed on this, secondly (and maybe more important) please see the following FAQ forum topic: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

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Thanks for your answer.
On REVIT 2018, i have no problem to have a label of reservation with width, height and level NGF, due to a script of dynamo.
When i passed to REVIT 2020, with the same script of dynamo, the level NGF being blocked at 00.00, and is not at 159.70.

Is there a difference between dynamo on REVIT 2018 and REVIT 2020 ?

Arase inférieure réservations.dyf (13.9 KB) Arase inférieure réservations.dyn (6.1 KB) ECO_Résa Verticaux_Ø_PB.rfa (396 KB) ECO_Etiquette_Résa_Ø.rfa (276 KB)