Problem dimensioning grid lines

Im trying to get a vertical dimension line between grid lines. I only selected the gridlines with different Y coördinates. The placementline also runs in the Y direction. Does anyone have an idea why Im getting the error The references are not geometric references?
I`m appreciating your help!

Hi @wouter.hilhorst,

I have no idea for the OOTB node but it works perfectly with the Dimension ByReferences node.

Dimension Grids.dyn (19.8 KB)

Thanks, that one does work.
I found out it doesnt work when the dimension is placed in the same run after the grid lines are placed.
It only works when I run a second script after placing the grids with dynamo.
Wouter Hilhorst

I’m glad it worked.
Maybe the Transaction.End and Transaction.Start nodes after creating the grids and before creating the dimensions would allow to use a single graph.

Hi Alban,
Thanks again for your help! With the Transaction.End Node it also works within one run!