PRINT TO PDF from list

Hi Guys,

Anybody have an idea how to change _views for lists in Print PDF node???

Are you sure those Sets actually exist in Revit?

Would be more helpful if we would see the whole Graph (or post your .dyn).

Sure :slight_smile:

Thats is kinda a mess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

You are feeding all sorts of different things into the Print PDF node.

Start with trying; View Sets > Get Views From View Set > Print PDF.

So you want to rename the PDFs?

yes, but in the same script :slight_smile:

The GeniusLoci printing nodes are better suited for that imo.

You need as many FilePaths (basicly this will be your new PDF name) as you have Views.
In other words; the list lengths need to be the same.

This way you don’t have to rename afterwards.

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Just this time… I mean i guess you also have Google :crazy_face:.

You seach packages : Genius Loci.
Your next step is as shown below.

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