Print PDF , type error

Hi dynamo’s expert,
I just start to try print PDF with dynamo but I need help. I don’t know what is the problem
thank’s for help , !!


Hi @gregory.brochard,

Can you show the previews under the nodes ?

thanks for your responce


You forgot “\” in file patch.

Also, spaces and special characters in the folder name or file name can create errors.

The setup of the PDFCreator needs some special attention aswell.

download this
PDFCreator.txt (32.6 KB)

rename it to PDFCreator.ini and overwrite (after making a backup) your old PDFCreator.ini

This forum does not allow the upload of file types with the .ini

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Thank’s but It doesn’t work

What’s it supposed to be ?


You have issues with list of list. The node wait for lists and not sublisst.
Add a List.Flatten node