Archi-lab Rename PDF Errno 17

Hello all,

Just a newbie in Dynamo and have been working on creating useful scripts/nodes

Followed other topics, however I am having trouble fixing the error I am receiving (see below).
Currently using PDFCreator and have set it up to automatically save to the same folder without interrupting me.

Prints to PDF just fine.
I have adjusted Rename PDF to include the for Indentifiers & NewNames.

Is there a fix to:
‘WindowsError: [Errno 17] [Errno 183] Cannot create a file when that file already exists.’
I see the first file is renamed however it ends there.

Would appreciate any help in the matter.

Hi @jaYc29,

You have probably a problem with the order of operations.
Use the passthrough node from clockwork to wait until the print of PDF is finished.

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Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner i figured this to be the case, thank you for narrowing down the node to use.
Much appreciated.

HI! I am getting the same error here but I have the Print part and the Rename files as separate steps so that shouldn’t be my problem. Any clues what I am doing wrong?

and here is the error

Thanks in advance


Can you start a new topic with all the previews enabled under the nodes ?