Print PDF - Exception: The files already exist!

Wondering if anyone might have ideas about what is happening when I use the Print PDF node. I made a View Set with 18 sheets in it. I am trying to print to a single pdf. When I run the dynamo script, it starts the print process, and I have to click the Save As for each sheet (which is another issue, but not a huge deal) and at some point during the running of the script I get " Exception: The file already exist!"

If i set Combined File to False, all sheets print fine, but I am trying to control the print order, and individual sheets just means combining and sorting still has to be done.

I see in the Python Script for the Print PDF.dyf that it creates a
“tempSetName” for the view set. When the script fails, I see the tempSetName in the list of View Sets, which has me wondering if the “file already exists” being referred to in the error is the view set name.

Any thoughts?

I think you could only change the filepath.

What file path are you referring to?

the one indicated to the input, create a new folder

Thanks! That worked and I have no idea why! I created a new directory and pointed to it with a file name…the resulting pdf didn’t even go in the folder, but it did print all the pages!

So after a bit of testing, it appears if I have a path selected for the input to Print PDF, if it matches the path in the print dialog (when the Save dialog appears), the error occurs. If they are different, everything works.