Preserve Geometry Location

Hi all,

I am placing some floors in a Revit file made from rectangular geometry. Now I want to place them in another Revit file too. What is the simplest way to do that?

Copy from linked model i guess

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Thanks. Is there any other way perhaps through excel where I can get the exact rectangles in another session of Dynamo for revit? Because I need to do a little adjustment with geometry’s elevation and sizes before sending it to the new Revit file.

Data.Remember node from the Generatove Design package will allow you to remember the geometry.

Place and wire the node, and run the graph
Disconnect the input from the remember node
Save as
Run once more and make sure you have data in the remember node
Close the dyn
Close the Revit file
Open the new Revit file
Open the dyn
Run the graph and double check you have the data in the remember node
Wire your next steps after the remember node.

I do agree with @Marcel_Rijsmus thoigh, but I would use copy monitor not copy paste. You could also do a save as of the Revit file, and link the content.

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Data.Remember is a good option but I think, it’s available for Revit 2021 only.
When I copy/monitor the elements to new Revit file, I’m not sure if I can track them in Dynamo to modify their properties. I’ll try it though. Thanks.
I guess I have to also try going back a little upstream in my graph and exporting the all the required locations and points to Excel.

I believe that the version of this node in the Refinery beta can work with anything after 2.0.3.