Possibility reading Civil 3D lines with Dynamo Revit

Good Morning everybody!

I have stumbled upon a problem with Dynamo Revit, I get (normal) Civil 3D Lines from a colleague (which my script needs to use to create Family instances). But i don’t know how to read these into Dynamo Revit.

I have figured out how to read Alignments, and their curves, into Dynamo Revit but this would create a lot more work because now every line has to be traced by someone:

Is there a way to get Civil 3D Lines into Dynamo without having to convert them to lines?
Thanks in advance!

@Daan what are you referring to? Corridor Feature Lines, Land Feature Lines, Polylines 3d…?

Just Lines.
But i solved it with a DataExtraction into Excel and used that file with the Data.extract nodes.