Populating multiple extended data from multiple objects

Hi all,
im trying to populate multiple extended properties from multiple objects at the same time but I’m getting this error.

The extended parameters are looking like this and all type information is to be “Text”:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @josepobiols25,

It looks like the COGO Points you’re working with don’t have the “Points” property set assigned to them. So maybe try the Object.AddPropertySet node first so you can ensure that the PS is assigned, or set the AECPSDAUTOATTACH system variable to ON as long as you’re comfortable with the performance implications.


Also, I will suggest getting 3 nodes to update the properties (one for each property). I don’t have access to Dynamo rn, but from experience the levels would be tough to get right with that node. In the image you are hard coding the properties, so I will say that there is no problem of scalability of the script if you just add 3 separate nodes


Hi @mzjensen ,

thanks for you help, I’ve tried adding the Object.AddPorpertySet node and I’m not getting the error.

The problem i’m facing now is regarding lists comprehension. I want to have the extended parameters of the elements (marked with arrows) populated with its values (in the squares). Im trying to use Levels or lacings but I’m not getting the output wanted. I’ve looked for explanation on list comprehension but I’m new to it and still not clear.


I’ve had the same experience as David. Getting the levels right is tough with this node.