#404 issue

I have a workbench that already works, I decided to add some more output from it pulling info from a property set. The two transformers are already been used so not sure why I have a fault with them. I have attached the image the fault just says “Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer” and when you press read more it says “ERROR 404”.

Can anyone help please


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Hi Draxl

The other nodes above work fine with the list connected, not sure why in this case it isnt?

You’re selecting all solids. Do all solids in your dwg have the “[CorSolBIMData][SaParams][JENG_GG184_Safety_Barrier_Left_2]” property set?

As Zachri says here maybe you will need to use Object.AddPropertySet node first or set the AECPSDAUTOATTACH system variable to ON?

Populating multiple extended data from multiple objects