Polynomial curve from formula

Hello community,

I yould like to achieve to place a bunch of points.
The X coordinates are given, but the Y coordinate is extracted from a polynomial function.
However, my formula does not seems to properly working.

Here is my function (2nd degree polynomial [ax²+bx+c])



As you can see, points should approximatively be placed on the “arc” curve, but, this is obviously not the case !

Did anybody ever successful with mathematical formulas in Dynamo ?

@BigB Looks like you have written a function for image

And what you are trying to achieve is image

Try this:

func = Math.Pow(fa*x,2)+(fb*x);


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Thank you @AmolShah, I missed a syntax expression !
But, now, the result is almost a straigt line.

I would like to replicate the Excel function, as per the engeneer’s file.

hi, your error is the “ax^2” term. it should be be “-ax^2”


Thank you @terjefj , you solved the case ! :wink:

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