Creating Polycurve from x,y,z csv file

Hi guys, I am trying to create a polycurve using csv life with x,y,z coordinates and I havent been any succesful so far. Any ideas?

Where have you gotten? Do you have points yet? Can you post where you are stuck?

I got the x,y,z points in a csv format, and have created the following.

So it’s already working then?

no and i dont know why… :confused: The script is correct right?

Try restarting Dynamo and any host program.

I tried it and it kinda works but my line now looks like this in Revit .

What are the values in your CSV, and what are the units set to in your project?

The values are point coordinates in the form of x=6893428.122, y=6893434.246, z=2 and the units in the project are set to millimeters.

Do you often measure to the nearest 1000th of a mm? My snark aside, I think you will need to adjust your geometry scaling to extra large.

This blog post has more info:

Haha you are right. Well I am not used to the Dynamo environment yet. Thank you very much for your help. I ll give it a try now this way and will keep you posted. Thanks a lot :smiley:

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