Polycurve/nurbscurve offset

Hi all,

I know this has been discussed before. But I’ve been through some of the other threads and I’m still struggling to achieve what I want.

I just want to offset a curve by a global X,Y or Z. I managed to do it by excel link (See below) but it’s a bit long winded. Plus if I need to do this a couple of times the script becomes huge.

Thanks in advance.









Hi James,


Maybe i don’t get your problem but it seems to me that you just need to translate your geometries. Maybe the following node can do what you want :



Hi Mostafa,

This is very useful, I can lsee myself using this in the future. But the problem with this is, its offsets the line based on the plane of line itself not base level if you not what I mean. Maybe if I want a co-ordinates X,Y say to have different z at that given point maybe I should look in to math sides of things. For example. say I had point (5,5,5) and wanted the another point to have the same x and Y but different Z say in crease by 10 (5,5,15) would there be a quick way doing this Math type node?

Thanks in adavnce


Hi Mostafa,

I’ve managed to do the Z offset with a simple adding calc in the codeblock :). Sorry for asking a very simple question.

Sorted now thank you for your help. I think ill definitely be using that translate for other parts of this experiment.