Offset in a plane?


I’m running into a problem where I feed Curve.Offset some line-like curves (from exploding a rectangle) - they offset in the XY plane for 3 of the 4, but one of them offsets in the Z axis. I assume the algorithm is calculating the best-fit plane of the curve to offset in - but in the case of a line this could be anything. Is there a way to force an offset to occur in a particular plane?


I can replicate the issuein the stable 0.82. This looks a lot like a bug. I can only offer a work-around. You can extrude each curve by a vector and get the resulting surface’s iso-line in the major direction.




Nice workaround Dimitar. I made a similar workaround based on what you did that will also work with non-linear walls. Figured I’d share it. Since Surface.GetIsoline will read different surface types in different ways, and therefor likely not return the edge you want, I’ve instead intersected the surfaces with a plane in order to get the curves.