Offset points polycurve to other polycurves

Hi there,

I have an issue. I have multiple polycurves I want to add points on, but for this example I will just use two polycurves.

I have a polycurve which will be the axle where the points will be added using Curve.PointsAtSegmentLength. The second polycurve is moving along the axle but it’s not parallel.

Is it still possible to offset the points to the second curve, so the XY will be offset and then the Z of the second line will be used?

Use Geometry.ClosestPointTo node.

Thanks for your reply. This does work when the other polycurve is parallel. If the polycurve isn’t parallel it doesn’t work.

The points have to be at right angles (90 degrees) on the axle.


Using intersection between ( plan & polycurve )

See this is

So I think I might have a solution but it’s still not working 100% like the way I want.

By creating planes on the axle I can let them intersect with the second line. The points on the second line will be perfectly parallel. However, I want the plane to be always vertical.

See this image: the planes are rotated through the axle (XY), which is good.

When looking from the side of the axle, the planes have to be like this:

Does anybody have an idea how to do this?