Curve Fillet not consistent


I’m trying to fillet a row of rectangles but the result is not consistent.
Some of them just stay rectangles.
When i flip the boolean to true the other half stay rectangles. why is there a boolean anyway?
The problem started when i gave the rectangles a varying height.

All help is welcome.

@t.s.visser See if this helps resolve your issue …

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@t.s.visser can you post your dyn? Might have time to open and troubleshoot later today, but I Won’t have time to rebuild that. My guess is the transform is creating the rectangles inconsistently but a can’t tell as previews weren’t expanded. May be best to just fillet it once before you apply the coordinate system transformation.

@Vikram_Subbaiah I was thinking of doing that with an if statement that counted the number of points before and after the first fillet to ensure cleaner data. Does running the fillet on the already filleted polycurve change anything about them?

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A condition as suggested by you would be a cleaner approach

Throws an error

Maybe try the fillet method in the mathematical shapes thread?

Thank you for your replies,
I just tried the 2 fillets after eachother but it throws an error indeed.

In the list i can see the amoount of curves so an if statement meight be an option but i have no clue how to make that.

PolyCurveFillet.dyn (11.2 KB)


Many thanks Vikram!
That did the trick!
I didn’t knew there was a node that counted curves.