PolyCurve.Bypoints didn't work well

As you can see the image, PolyCurve.Bypoints didn’t work. Number of points is 99 but the number of the curve is only 17. Can anyone know this issAlignment.dyn (36.2 KB)
Civil Report.xls (30.5 KB)

I upload the related file, please look at the file and give me any comment.

I’m away from the computer for a bit, but will try and check when I get home. Is there any chance you can provide a full workspace image export (camera button in the top right corner) at this zoom level? I (or others) may be able to see the error with the added context.


@Younghwi_Kim I’m not sure why it doesn’t work. What about using NurbsCurve.ByPoints

Thank you. it looks like working.

Please mark as solved. Also is it your Revit file in mm? Mine is and first approch was failing. But if I scale the points (*1000) everything works

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