Model Curves from NurbsCurve is not working

Hello guys,

I would like to create model lines in the face of a nurb surface that I have created.

I have created horizontal intersections with a number of planes and now I want to create a number of splines in Revit base on these NurbsCurbs,

It seems to be the degree but I recreated new nurbscurve with different degree and still not working.

Any ideas why is not working?

Can anyone drop a bit of light here?

Not sure how can make this work!!!

Could you share revit and dyn file here?


Link to get the files,

They are 7mb big.

Many thanks

Hello Kulkul,

Did you have a look at the files?

I will have a look tomorrow.

@BIMadmin So, i had a look at your files. There where duplicate points, you could remove them by adding Point.PruneDuplicates node and you can see it works perfectly now:



Thank you very muuuuuuch!!!