PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves - Not branching

I am trying to sort all the rooms in a project which I am working on now.
I used the “LunchBox Room Element Collector” Node; in order to create polycurves so that I can extrude them later for color scheme purposes.
But I faced this problem in all my scenarios (please check the attached screenshot); I really don’t understand this problem; what is the reason behind, and how to solve it.
I read some topics here in the forum; but I am still confused.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

It seems you may have rooms with multiple closed loops (donut). Anything that is room bounding like a column will cause this. Does this sound like it relates?

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There’s a node in package archi-lab called “Group Curves” that may help you solve your problem.


Thanks John,
You are right. I have a lot of structual columns plus technical shafts which were created as a column family as well, which unfortunatly I can’t delete them; a lot of rooms will be overlapped in that case.

Thanks for your reply Andreas;
I’ll try that out and post the progress.