Floor finish by room

So i’m trying to make a floor finish automaticly from the rooms, which is working fine until i place a column in the rooms.

I managede to get all the rooms outline and the columns outlines with the polycurves. The problem is that it know treats the coloumns as a room and creates a floor in the columns outline insted, and mess up the order in the list so the the floor type is not matching the rooms “floor finish”

I know theres been some other posts similar to this, and the “Hostedflooropening.bycurves” might be the solution, but i dont quite seem to get it!

So to sum up, what i want to do is:

  1. Remove the columns from my list of curves so it only contains the rooms.

  2. take the columns outlines at make at void from them that cuts away the floor that is in the column area

Hope it all makes sense