Huge tree table in Excel, how can I get this into Revit

Hi There,

I am very new to Dynamo and think it will be of great benifit.

I have a table from a surveyor who has completed a Tree survey for us but think 4oo trees will take too long to put in maually.

If someone can help me Id really appreciate it. I would have so many uses for this as I receive coordinates all the time and usually use points to place from a CAD link.

Anyway my list is here in meters.

List has

Point number



Tree Spread

Tree height

and trunk Diameter.

sample tree list

Can dynamo make this work? Just with any generic tree.

I only have 3 trees in this one.

Thanks and I look forward to learning more about dynamo.




Hi Allan

Yes it can.

However, you would need to work through how the properties in the spreadsheet relate to Revit objects:
For example

  • is the diameter an instance parameter, or a type parameter
  • Is the 'height' the height of the tree above ground, or the elevation above a datum (level)
  • What is the elevation of the base of the tree ?
  • Is the point column meant as the tree number or a 'mark'


Gday Andrew,

Many thanks for your reply, its much appreciated. I will try and answer your questions.

I am obviously new at this so apologies for anything that I don’t understand. I usually create a surface using Civil3d (triangulated) and CAD link in the file to datum rl0.0 using that layer “Triangles”.

This way the surface is at the correct Australia Height Datum. So the height of the tree should sit at the correct height.

The elevation of the tree is at ground level (where the trunk meets the ground). We can forget about the tree number I guess, its relevant in Civil3d (Tree table but probably not for REVIT).

I am not sure about what you meant by this…??? is the diameter an instance parameter, or a type parameter ???

What would be awesome would be to have the tree (see attached) to come in with all the aboveto say this generic tree. 3D Tree - Ellipse (AUS)

I Have also attached a pdf of the tree I want to place, as you can see properties that I would like the tree to adopt from the excel file.

Again Andrew your help…any…is much appreciated. Thanks Allan

tree doc

Hi Allan

Instance parameters can be different for each instance- easiest to do all your tree parameters as instance.
I suggest reading up on this- someone else can explain it better than me.

Refer attached for a 5 minute try

Basic steps are:

  1. Read in data

  2. Split into columns

  3. Feed into data into family

It would need an hour or two to finesse.

You can see I have set the elevation (Z) of all trees to zero- you might need another column for this and put it into the ‘offset’ parameter

I have also fixed up the units in the spreadsheet to mm




tree importer



20160210 tree importer

Thanks Andrew,

This is great. Do you have the dynamo screenshot I can have a look at?

Or you can send me?

Thanks again for you time on this its much appreciated.



sorry, I meant to attach the dyn file, not the excel file twice

tree importer v1

tree importer v1

It looks more complicated than it is


Thanks Mate.




Hi Andrew,

I have managed to get the trees working for position, Tree height and spread.

BUT one thing I cant for the life work out is to get the trees to associate to the elevation (RL) in row G? the “Z” value.

CMS-tree-importer-v1 sample-tree-list

Any ideas, sorry to be a pain, no worries if not…




Refer attached CMS-tree-importer-v2

You had got the columns mixed up- by adding an extra column- you need to take every 7th item, not 6th (in the green sections)

There is probably a more graceful way to split up the columns

(The trunk diameter column in the spreadsheet also needs to be corrected)


20160212 tree importer dynamo 2

20160212 tree importer dynamo




I owe you a beer!

Thanks so much you have saved me so much time.



Hi there,

@Andrew_Hannell I am having the same problem myself (4 years later, the files are not available anymore).
Could you share it again? I have been trying all day to do it, but nothing. Would you mind?

Thanks, and hope you are ok during this crazy times.

Best Regards,

Sam F.

surprised myself by finding them:

CMS-tree-importer-v2.dyn (32.1 KB) sample-tree-list.xlsx (9.3 KB) tree importer.rvt (3.4 MB)

That is great!! thanks so much