Points at center of ceiling tiles


I am looking to place MEP ceiling based families on center of ceiling grids (tiles) at certain distance. I tried using “Geometry.Edges” but had no Luck!

Thanks in Advance.

The ceiling tile edges are Fill Pattern elements.

I’m not sure as to whether you can extract their ‘geometry’.

Thanks Vikram, I tried using below method i got the intersecting points but stuck after that unable to get a node that brings to the center.

I am brain dead


If a and b are the sides of each ceiling tile and lets say x and y are the coordinate of one point then you can get the points at the centre using (x=a/2),(y+b/2) I think translating the points would be pretty easy. And you can cleanup the unwanted points using a bounding box.

Something like this:

Thanks Organon,

It works but only concern is the unwanted points showing up on 4 sides. How do i cleanup those points?

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You only need the bottom surface of the solid. You’re taking all the surfaces, that’s the reason you have those points.

Thanks Organon,

How do i get bottom surface of the solid?

One solution:



Was Vikram incorrect in this case? Wouldn’t the Elements.solid node return ONE solid since it is one solid with a fill pattern applied? Not a series of individual tiles (i.e. solids)?


I imagine a solution that uses a python node and revit API to access one/some of the FillPattern methods/properties ?

Dear Organon,

I’ve been trying to use your python script for my (similar) case, although its slightly different.

In my case i’ve created a grid which is 120x120 mm, even though the grid does not exactly fit in to the surface.

As you can see the python script divideded points by the total lengths of the surface and not in steps of 120 mm. Is it possible to solve this in the same python script?

Hope to hear from you!

can you please share the latest dyn file?