Add points on a surface, but at a specified distance apart

I’ve read through a few threads on here and managed to get this far!:grin:

so i have found the surface of all ceilings and projected a series of points onto it.

can anyone help me with the next step?

I’d like to be able to specify the distance between the points, rather the number of points.

id also like to be able to trim the points around the boundary. (see the cut out area on the left)

Ceilings.dyn (10.3 KB)



Hi @Cosgrovedt

Here is one of the possible way.


Thank you for quick reply! @Kulkul,

thats great the distances are working, but i’m getting extra points still.

when i select the final flatten node - it highlights all the correct ones. but i still have the left over points.

I’ve tried it as you have with select face and the original way i had it. Both are having the same result.

any ideas what I’ve got wrong?

Right click on Geometry.Translate node and turnoff the preview.


perfect :+1:, thanks again @Kulkul