Revit ceiling grid lines?

Any ideas on how to access the coordinates or locations of the ceiling grid lines? Grids are a material applied to the ceiling structure, but there is no information about the grid location in the ceiling or the material.

Don’t think you can extract the ceiling grid lines geometry as the grid is actually a fill pattern associated with the material.

However, you can extract the overall ceiling geometry in Dynamo and attempt to recreate the lines on a surface.

Similar duscussions…

I am trying to automatically line up diffusers, grilles, and light fixtures in an MEP model to a ceiling grid in the Architectural model. With info from those posts and others I found, I am able to get the (x,y,z) coordinates of the ceiling in the Arch model, but cannot figure out how far the grid is offset from the edge of the ceiling.

Assuming that the ceilings are rectangular, generally the placement of ceiling tiles follows a rule.

The rule is to ensure that the length/width of the cut ceiling tiles on the periphery is not less than half of the full length/width


To explain how this graphically, lets consider 2’-0" x 2’-0" ceiling tiles…

  • Draw a vertical line line at the center

  • Offset this line by 2’-0" on either side as many times as required to span the width of the ceiling

  • Measure the gap between the last line and the edge of the ceiling

  • If the distance is less than half the width of the ceiling tile (< 1’-0") shift all the lines towards one side by half the width of the ceiling tile (1’-0")

  • If the distance is greater than half then you proceed with creating the horizontal lines in a similar manner


Based on this you could create a definition that creates ceiling grid lines.