Point to Point Dimension

hi guys i need help on point to point dimension see below


You just need to switch the inputs a bit. The input for Referemce Elements needs to be the family instances themselves, or reference type elements. And the lines should not need to be converted to Modelcurves before being fed to the Line input. See if that helps :grinning:

and the line (position of the dimension) is also needed
@Ewan_Opie i think he is using those lines as a reference

Ah, good spotting @Marcel_Rijsmus
@interactiverendering if you use those lines the dimensions will align with your elements, and not show offset as you have pictured. You may need to introduce an offset step to your workflow.

Try using the Element.Curves nodes from the Select Model Element node that you have used on your model line, before feeding it to the input.


What are the dots?
is it a family?

Yup, those are families, sprinkler to be specific

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I tried but I got an empty list

Multiple Dimensions#1.dyn (16.8 KB)

found this, have not checked, no revit

Thank you @Marcel_Rijsmus will try later, no computer too at the moment.

Didn’t work for me