Dimension objects

I am trying to draw dimensions between columns of uneven heights. The output is showing dimension in certain angle. I need to draw them horizontal, parallel to given line input.

Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks!!

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You could try dimensioning to the internal references of the Columns instead and see if that corrects your issue. :wink:

(D1.3) Dimension to Family Instance References.dyn (4.9 KB)

I am getting this error when i selected two objects from the model, i have never used python script. Is there anything i do need to edit?


Can you post a link to download a copy of the families you are trying to dimension?

Here are the files.

BIMSF-SSMA-S-Column.txt (5.2 KB)
BIMSF-SSMA-S-Column.rfa (404 KB)

I have tried your test files and cannot replicate the issue. Can you post a screen grab of the elements you are dimensioning again, or perhaps a stripped out file version so I can test in the actual instance location?