Point.Project node error in Revit 2022

Hi, I created a Dynamo graph using the Point.Project node in Revit 2021.
It works well, but when I run it in Revit 2022, the points are in the wrong position.

When it runs in 2021, no error is out and makes the lines well.

But in 2022, the points cannot get the right directions, so no lines are out.

Does anyone know what’s wrong with this node?
I attach the dyn file and the entire dynamo image below.

210824_test.dyn - Google Drive

Hello @myoh - Thank you for posting this. This is unfortunately a bug with Dynamo 2.10's geometry library LibG, specifically around transform accumulation, which is shipped with Revit 2022, and has subsequently been fixed for Dynamo 2.11.

For the Revit point release of Revit 2022.1, coming out in the not too distant future, you will have access to Dynamo 2.12 which contains this fix and many more cool things.

So, the graph you have will work in it’s current state when you go beyond Revit 2022 base, but in the interim if you need a workaround you can use the following:

  • Deconstruct points into their base components
  • Reconstruct points from base components

After you move up to Revit 2022.1 or Revit 2023 you can remove this workaround :slight_smile:


Hi @solamour
With your suggestion, it works well!

Thanks for kind response :slight_smile:
I’ll be waiting for the updates!

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