Nested adaptive component's point coordinates

I’m trying to extract the coordinates of each point of a nested adaptive triangle. I can get the total number of adaptive triangles and (including nested) but it only reports the coordinates of the one instance of an adaptive triangle that isn’t nested. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. Thanks in advance!

Try one of these:


Thanks. That got me a bit closer. I’m now able to pull the nested adaptive components from a family but how do I get the coordinates of each point? The AdaptiveComponent.Locations is coming up empty. I need another clue. :slight_smile:

How deeply nested are these things? The family it is retrieving: Is it the component you are looking for?

Hey @john_pierson. Your comment made me go back and take another look at the model. They’re nested 3 deep. Here’s a link to a stripped down version of the model to help you get a better understanding of what I’m dealing with. (Revit 2017)

There are multiple triangle families that make up the panels but I’m just trying to take baby steps with this one (I’ve been thrown into the deep end here at work, plus not knowing exactly how/why things were done the way they were puts me at a bit of a disadvantage, but I digress…). Ultimately I’d like to get the coordinates of all of the corners of each adaptive component and add them to the model in a 3D view (bigger goal) but I’ll settle for exporting to Excel. I’ll have to add some sort of parameter to differentiate each one so the Excel makes sense but digging down to the nested families is my biggest hurdle at the moment, again I digress…

I took a quick look at the file and I am getting very odd results. Even when I get points they are showing in the wrong location…

Just getting back into this after an extended weekend… Thanks for looking into it, John. Do you think it has something to do with the way the families were built? Unfortunately I came into this project late in the game so I’m not too familiar with the history of it.